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Jessica Perini was an outstanding “in house” editor for the first edition, and though now working freelance, was prepared to work with us again on this project. Jessica combined outstanding editorial skills with a genuine passion and interest in promoting justice and the book’s mission. Both editions have been considerably better for her involvement.
– Simon Bronitt and Bernadette McSherry, Principles of Criminal Law, 2005

Her initial research, before embarking on a project is detailed and, in my experience, she makes great efforts to understand the requirements of the author and publisher before editing any work.
– David Longfield, Longueville Media, 2004

I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Mark Macleod and Jessica Perini. Their editorial brilliance allows me to enjoy the full vista of the forest despite all the trees.
– John Larkin, Bite Me! 1999

Jessica Perini Editorial Services > Testimonials

Testimonials continued

To my editor, Jessica Perini ... I once again thank you for your keen eye, good humour and continued encouragement throughout the often arduous (and seemingly endless) journey.
Frank Adoranti, Understanding Tenders, 2003

Is it really five books now? I once again thank you from the heart, for your enormously valuable contribution. The entire series has gained so much from your experienced eye, your wisdom and your ever-cheerful guidance.
Frank Adoranti, Commercial Contract Negotiations, 2003

Thank you for a wonderful job on the manuscript. I'm finding it very easy to follow and I'm surprised by what a difference it makes.
— Mark Vilagra, Giovanna, 2003

The manuscript assessment was a blessing.
— Danial Berry, The Other Side, 2004