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Are you a true writer?

I really don’t like going to parties anymore, especially parties filled with people I don’t know. Parties amongst editor friends are fine. But when at a soiree with strangers there’s always someone in the room who claims to be writing a book. Always. Let me describe a typical scenario. I’m chatting to a friend and all is going well. She tells me about her latest beau and I tell her about my latest hobby, say, permaculture. I’m gearing up to the exciting bit where we talk about fighting pumpkin mould with milk soultions, when I hear across the room, ‘A writer, oh how wonderful! There’s someone here you just HAVE to meet, she’s an editor, you guys will just love each other!’ And at that stage I think, I hope someone else here is an editor because I just can’t … More

The great Australian cheesecake: examining motivations for writing

How many of us have sat down to write the great Australian novel and simply had all thought, dreams, aspirations, grand designs wiped from our intellect? Me. Me. Me. Well, welcome to the club. A large, illustrious and prestigious institution with many millions swelling its ranks; called the ‘I could write the great Australian novel if only I had a great idea’ club. Most people, if they don’t have the will, stamina, love of character, reading or writing, may as well make a cheesecake instead. More

Jessica Perini Editorial Services > Articles about writing

Twenty procrastination-busters

At one time in my life I was the Queen of Procrastination. I would tidy my desk, duck out to Officeworks, scour the aisles for that illusive cardboard calendar, or the pen the astronauts use to write in space. I needed these things. And I needed them now. I would do anything but touch pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

Now I am reformed! I’ve come to identify these procrastinatory tactics for what they are. A fear of not being perfect. As a wise person once said, the triple PPPs “Perfectionism, Procrastination, Paralysis” are the greatest threat to creativity.

Now, I know what the warning signs are, and I can identify them before I head out and buy yet another 500 pages of recycled paper, or that fluoro pen with dazzling gold bits in it. To save you some time, and perhaps some cupboard space, I’ve created the following list of procrastination-busters. More

Articles about writing and being published

If you want to be a writer and don’t know where to start read this article from Mark McLeod, a publisher at Hodder Headline (and Random House before that), who has pretty much, seen it all. This applies especially if you are writing children's books.